Monday, October 22, 2012

Announcing baby BOY Andes!!!

For those that want the details, this is how I surprised Tyson! So Tyson started his new job and consequently doesn't have much time off. Our schedules didn't allow for both of us to go have the ultrasound together to find out if we were having a boy or girl. Also, I could hardly wait any longer to find out! Tyson knew I had my doctors appointment on the 18th but I had told him I wasn't doing the ultrasound that day because the doctor wanted me to come back the next week. He thought the doctor was dumb for making me come back just one week later but somehow believed me! Originally I was going to buy the two outfits (one boy and one girl) and put either in a bag and rap it up to surprise Tyson because he couldn't be there.  After talking to my sister I decided that I wanted to be surprised too, that way we could open the baby outfit and ultrasound TOGETHER to find out what we are having! So I went ahead and found the cutest little boy and girl outfits, (hid them away in the closet) and patiently waited for the day to arrive! It seemed like it took so long for the day to arrive but it did, FINALLY! Tyson had his big final exam on the 18th so he was kinda stressed out. I just kept promising him that once he was done with his exam it was going to be a great day!...little did he know just how grrreat! Finally 4 pm rolled around and I was off to get the ultrasound! I took the yellow envelope, the two outfits and the crazy mexico bag with me (all pictured above). I had the nicest lady do my ultrasound, she made it so much fun! Unfortunately, she turned off my t.v. screen so I couldn't see what was going on, so I wouldn't accidentally see something that would give it away! After quite some time (baby boy was really calm, relaxed and not moving around too much) she finally was able to determine the sex. I went and waited in the waiting room and the nice lady brought out everything all put together just how it needed to be so I wouldn't be tempted to peek!! I had her stuff both outfits into the mexico bag, putting the gender the baby wasn't into a black bag and then into the mexico one. I then met with the doctor and couldn't wait to get home to surprise Tyson! My brother and sister showed up at the same time I did to the house, (we all went to the ASU-Oregon game), and took some pictures for me.  I explained to him how we were finding out together because I didn't know yet either.  The pictures explain the rest of the story. haha. He was so surprised and we are so excited!! I loved finding out together, it made it that much sweeter. Now we can officially start preparing. WHOOO!!